For current and potential users of the 'modRSW' model for data assimilation research


This workshop will focus on idealised models of (convective-scale) Numerical Weather Prediction and their use in data assimilation research. It is directed primarily at current and potential users of the 'modRSW' model developed by the organisers at the School of Mathematics, University of Leeds, and will comprise (i) research talks from participants and (ii) tutorials and working/discussion sessions.

Bringing together researchers who have shown interest in the modRSW model, we hope to offer an informal environment in which participants are given ample opportunity to discuss aspects of their research, how the model may be of use to them, and potential ideas for the future use of the model (and idealised models in general).


The workshop will open at 9am on 16th and close after lunch at 2pm on the 17th May 2019, with dinner provided on the evening of the 16th.


The workshop takes place in the School of Mathematics, University of Leeds, UK. How to find us. Accommodation details for external participants: ibis Leeds Centre Marlborough Street (10-15 minute from the School of Maths on foot). This is a 10-minute walk from Leeds train station, or a short taxi ride.

List of participants

Javier Amezcua, University of Reading
Ross Bannister, University of Reading
Zak Bell, University of Reading
Steven Boeing, University of Leeds
Onno Bokhove, University of Leeds
Luca Cantarello, University of Leeds
Alison Fowler, University of Reading
Tom Kent, University of Leeds
Raphael Kriegmair, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Gordon Inverarity, Met Office
Janet Peifer, University of Leeds
Patrick Raanes, NORCE, Norway
Steve Tobias, University of Leeds
Sanita Vetra-Carvalho, University of Reading
Žiga Zaplotnik, University of Ljubljana


We are grateful to the School of Maths and the London Mathematical Society for providing funds for this workshop. We can assist with costs (travel, two nights' accommodation (15th and 16th), workshop dinner) for all participants.


Tom Kent and Luca Cantarello


School of Mathematics, University of Leeds, UK.


t.kent [at]

mmlca [at]